32 Preludes

32 Preludes


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No. 1
No. 10
No. 24
No. 30

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These short pieces are written in a full set of keys and a broad range of styles.  They explore different periods, traditions and modes, with a loose adaptation of form and idiom. Reference is made – both serious and light-hearted – to several individual composers, all of whom are admiringly and gratefully acknowledged.The pieces may be played individually, or performed in any combination. They offer technical interest at many levels and may serve as studies for students with a wide range of ability. The following notes are intended for teachers and students: Where composers’ names are given, these may refer to particular individuals, or more loosely to the style of composition in the same period. In many cases this is simply an initial reference; in others it is followed more closely. The intention is to give the student experience of different musical idioms, and to provide interest and variety.

Technical difficulty is indicated by:
Elementary – up to Grade 5
Intermediate – Grades 6-7
Progressive – Grade 8
Advanced – Diploma and beyond

However, these categories are an approximate guide only; much will depend on tempo and articulation. Some pieces marked ‘Elementary’ (numbers 9, 10, 16 and 29) have relatively difficult key signatures, and for this reason could be considered Intermediate. Some of the pieces that refer to early music do not include indications about articulation, dynamics or tempo; choices about these are left to the performer. In a few passages ossia versions are offered to accommodate different instruments or technical preference. Many pieces contain repeats, most of which are based on historical practice. However they can be arduous for less advanced students. With the exception of da capo repeats, they can generally be omitted if preferred. In two pieces cuts have also been suggested.

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