20 Pieces for the Improving Bassoonist

20 Pieces for the Improving Bassoonist


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1 Hunter’s Song
2 Little Postillion
3 Scale Tune
4 Baffoonery
5 March
6 Little Serenade
7 Rocking
8 Landler
9 Will O’ The Wisp
10 Waltz


The aim of arranging the “20 short pieces for improving bassoonists” was to create a volume of interesting and unusual pieces to supplement the various tutors used to teach bassoon players (from about beginner grade 1 to more advanced grade 7). The purpose was to provide tuneful pieces covering tricky aspects of technique, such as fingering (seen in most of the pieces), rhythmic accuracy (e.g. No’s. 5 & 16) and embouchure flexibility (e.g. No’s.15,19 & 20), as well as introducing some aspects of period playing technique (No’s. 12,14 & 17). The piano accompaniments are also of a progressive nature, allowing the earlier numbers (No’s 1 – 10) to be accompanied by the improving pianist (about grades 1 – 5), whereas the later pieces would suit a more advanced player (about grade 4 to 6). For both players, the pieces should be approached as a challenge to be achieved through hard work, apart and together. Careful attention to detail (as in all music performance) is needed from both performers. It is hoped that the various titles will encourage the duo to explore further the repertoire of more advanced pieces available for bassoon & piano. Russell Denwood, August 2017.

Allegro from this book has been set by the ABRSM for Grade 5 Bassoon from 2022.

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