She Writes…..

She Writes…..


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. A Fond Farewell – Liz Sharma
2. Wonky Waltz- Pauline Gordon
3. Shores of Home – Hayley Jenkins
4. Danza Eccentrica – Nicole Buetti
5. Listening – Roma Cafolla

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A compilation of pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano by some of our female composers.

A Fond Farewell – Liz Sharma.
A Fond Farewell is one of a set of 3 pieces called ‘Chat on the Lines’ about conversations associated with trains.

Wonky Waltz – Pauline Gordon
This piece comes from a set of pieces called Everything is Pear Shaped. Each piece presents a dance with some rather wobbly characteristics. The Wonky Waltz is not quite the usual straightforward 3/4 time which one would expect.Possibly this reflects my inability to dance!

Shores of Home – Hayley Jenkins
I find the coast a place of timeless calm and energy. It is a place of great transformation and power, but also a place of grace, beauty and fragility. The collection of pieces this movement comes from is driven by the transformational nature of the coastline and is influenced by the rich folklore and mythology it has inspired through the centuries. My father was a geologist and I spent many a time as a child hunting our local coast for fossils and trying to imagine what the creatures might have looked like when they were living and breathing things. I hunted for sea glass and collected pebbles with interesting colours – I still have them in a little basket on my bookcase. As an adult, I find the sound and smell of the sea of the sea an intoxicating balm that helps to blow away the tension and pressures of daily life. The saxophone is, in some ways, quite similar to the sea. It is powerful, fragile, lyrical and agile. It can transcend genres… and it breathes. This is the third movement of the suite The Land and the Sea. Lower options for the highest notes have been provided.

Danza Eccentrica – Nicole Buetti
Danza Eccentrica is an energetic, animated solo for alto saxophone.  This piece was created to challenge the performer and entertain the listener. There are many shifts in and out of odd meters and modulations in key that create an off-balanced feel.  A legato melody is played over punctuated, rhythmic lines. The saxophone has the opportunity to be both virtuosic and musical in this very odd and extremely fun dance.

Listening – Roma Cafolla
As a composer, and as a woman, it can be difficult to have someone listen to your music and understand the meaning behind the manuscript. Lynne and Rob were forward thinking and gave me a platform to explore my compositional journey. They Listened!!! This piece celebrates that fact and it is so fitting that ‘LISTENING’ was chosen to feature in the inaugural SHE WRITES! series.

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