Rapsodia Stagionale was originally titled Four Strong Winds, based on the idea that each relatively equal instrument shall hold a significant place in the composition. Then, remembering Ian Tyson’s song of the same name from the early 1960s, to which this work has no discernible ties, I thought better of it. As the work evolved and I drove deeper into the psychology of the music I changed direction, choosing to evoke my feelings on the seasons here in NJ, USA.
Yet, keeping the idea of strong winds in mind, no instrument shall play a continually subservient role in the work. Each musician has their time and place to stand in the forefront during the performance rather than being relegated to simply an accompanying role. Further, it is my intention that the work not be pigeon-holed into specific seasonal representations. Rather, it is my objective that each listener encounters their own emotions, drawing their own ideas and conclusions to what they hear, be they seasonal thoughts or something else entirely; and that in my humble opinion is the beauty of music.