The long story is that I am enamored with my Sicilian ancestry. As the summer of 2017 commenced I was making preparations for a return visit to the island in the Autumn. In the course of making plans I was gifted a Sicilian Moro blood orange tree (weird, I know as I live in NJ, USA, not exactly the climate for oranges!) and the anticipation ballooned. The tree was added to the garden along with the roses, daffodils, peonies, etc.. The summer and the planning advanced slowly but quickly an idea was born.

Il giardiniere gioioso is a short suite for woodwind trio; oboe, clarinet and bassoon. The individual divisions of the suite express all that brings me joy as well as a bit of consternation within the perimeter of the garden. Though in hind sight, even the perturbances always provide for a laugh; 1-potatura delle rose (pruning the roses) 2-fra le giunchiglie (among the daffodils) 3-animali (vermin) 4-un’ amaca, uno spritz, e l’inevitabile mosca! (a hammock, a spritz, and the inevitable fly!)