The Expressions for Trumpet  grew out of an experiment in an approach to composition I  devised for myself while attending college. Expressions 1 & 2 are the product of that experiment. Years later I went back to the work, and decided that with a bit more work it could be an effort worthy of musicians’ time. I built the third Expression on the same foundation as the first. When it was completed I realized I was on a circular path and could just follow it to return ‘home’. I believe the circle is quite evident in the fourth Expression and needs no additional description. The fifth and final Expression in the  group is indeed back home and maybe a bit wiser for the journey.    These five miniatures explore different aspects of the same thematic material, so try to bring out the different characters of each movement. The harmonic language becomes  increasingly complex through the five movements, so be careful with the accidentals which last for the whole bar. Also make sure that the tuning of the high notes is accurate.