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  • Collaborations 1 for Clarinet and Piano

    Collaborations 1 for Clarinet and Piano

    • composer: Rainford & Williams
    • skill-level: Easy
    • instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb, Piano
    An attractive book of new repertoire pieces for clarinettists of grade 1 – 3 standard. Various technique aspects such as crossing the break and neat fingering are addressed along with...
  • Duo Opus 131 no 3

    Duo Opus 131 no 3

    • composer: Max Reger
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    • instrumentation: Two saxes
    ...more Romantic dimension to the pieces. Fairly short pieces (about 40 bars and about 50 bars) but marked at Vivace and Allegro con spirito, these are around grade 5-6 standard....
  • Flute Duets for Young Players Book 1 Flute Duets for Young Players Book 1

    Flute Duets for Young Players Book 1

    • composer: Lynne Williams
    • skill-level: Beginner
    A book of duets designed for pre-grade 1 standard players. Each duet contains two equal parts, and highlights specific issues such as staccato, dynamics, rests and independent playing....
  • Arietta


    • composer: Lynda Robertson
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    • instrumentation: Flute
    ...this for themselves. It is loosely a Theme and Variations, composed in four short sections, but through composed without breaks. An expressive piece, suitable for Grade 5 and above players....
  • Patterns for Sub Contrabass Flute

    Patterns for Sub Contrabass Flute

    • composer: Lynne Williams
    • skill-level: Intermediate-Advanced
    • instrumentation: Subcontrabass flute
    ...octaves and with some long phrases, this piece presents some challenges unique to the sub contrabass flute. players of about grade 2 standard. Technically straightforward and still rewarding to play....
  • Thirty One Two Three Saxophone Studies

    Thirty One Two Three Saxophone Studies

    • composer: Lynne Williams
    • skill-level: Easy
    • instrumentation: Solo saxophone
    Thirty saxophone studies aimed at the Grade 1-3 player using ranges and keys from the early grades.
  • Nice ‘n’ Easy and Jazz Dances

    • composer: Phillip Rawle
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    ...genres. Comes with a full piano part plus a backing CD with full band sound. ‘Cha Cha’ from this book has been set by the ABRSM for Grade 6 Saxophone...
  • Sonata


    • composer: Gaetano Donizetti
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    • instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Piano
    ...Andante with the feeling of a Tarantella. Nothing technically too challenging (maybe about grade 5 standard), but requiring sensitive playing to bring out the musical qualities of the melodic lines....
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